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Stopover: Wanning (Shimei Bay International Marina Club)


China Resources Shimei Bay International Marina Club (“the Club”), is the only overall, multi-functional international exchange platform that ranks the first across China. The marina or dock of Shimei Bay International Marina Club, built as per international standards, can be used to host seaborne races and tournaments. It provides 213 berths, with the total length of 3,528 meters and the largest one being 50 meters, making it the largest yacht berth ever built in China. The marina basin is six meters deep; the dry storage provides 121 berths, enabling 24-hour professional berthing services for your yachts. 

In connection with marina wave protection requirements, the harbor or inner harbor is wave-shaped in the basin. On the basis of the existing coastlines, the harbor basin is built by the way pioneered by Hainan province: half inner excavated, half outer excavated; enclosed in the east, breakwater built in the south, inner excavated basin. The newly built inner basin coastline is as long as nearly 3,000 meters, providing a safer, more preventive marina harbor. It also lowers the height of breakwater to give the buildings an ideal outlook over the seas.

The Club design was inspired by the magic sea where two giant silver whales were leaping out. The Club invited world-known designers to conceptualize to the utmost of their knowledge: vibrantly shaped roof, clearly pure glass curtain walls, smooth lines; bright style as graceful as the whales leaping out in the sky.

Covering some 4.700 square meters, the Club is interiorly designed with an exclusive style: a perfect combining of luxury and leisure. It has a strong air of sea voyage and a rich spatial setting. Whether in enabling you to get well ready before sailing, or in providing you with all-round services, it is an ideal place for customer reception, family get-together and sea navigation.

Location: Shimei Bay, Wanning
Water depth: 5.8 meters
Number of berths: (1st phase: 88; Total: 213)
Owner: China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.