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Aloha Cup

Aloha Cup

Race Rute
470 miles
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March 09-19

Shenzhen Apat

Race Introduction


From March 9 to 19, 23 teams participated in the 3rd Round Hainan Regatta. The race consists of Sanya in-port race, round island rally west line, Haikou in-port race and round island rally east line. The total length is more than 470 miles. It was the first multiday big boat rally in China.

23 teams and more than 250 sailors from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Denmark, England, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong China participated in the race.  

JingJing team won the Aloha Cup. Apat team and JingJing team respectively won the champion of Group A and Group B rally race; JingJing team and Vatti team respectively won the champion of Sanya in-port race round island group and recreation group.


The race has made multiple innovations in terms of race routes, rules, operations and organizing.

1). Based on the east round island route used in 2010 and the west round island route used in 2011, for the first time the fleet realized sailing around entire Hainan Island.

2). The race set round island group and recreation group.

3). The prize amount is increased from 200,000 Yuan to 300,000 Yuan.

4). In addition to the race event, the organizer also held sailing race forum and related activities.

5). Aerial filming and TV broadcasting of the race.

6). A professional race operation company was established, which is Round Hainan Regatta Co., Ltd.