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Aloha Cup

Aloha Cup

Race Rute
820 miles
Featured Report
Exclusive Title Sponsor

March 12-20

Lingshui Team, Xiaoyu Team, Tongran Team, Shuiguodao Team, China Cup 32, Qihang Team, Fuli Team

Race Introduction

Round Hainan Regatta 2016


The 7th Round Hainan Regatta was held from March 12-20, 2016. Aloha has become the title sponsor of the race for the fifth time. The start and finish lines are in Sanya. The race consists of 4 legs and 3 in-port races, and the total length is 820 nautical miles, including the 580-mile round island sailing rally and 240-mile Sanya-Wanning sailing rally. 

Total 33 teams and 328 sailors participated in the race. The race is divided into IRC1-6 classes and J80 class. The IRC1-3 classes participated in the Sanya in-port race and the 580 mile round island rally; the IRC 4-6 classes participated the Sanya in-port race, Sanya-Wanning Sailing Rally, Wanning in-port race and Wanning-Sanya Sailing Rally, and the J80 class only participated in the Sanya in-port race.

Lingshui Team, Xiaoyu Team, Tongran Team, Shuiguodao Team, China Cup 32, Qihang Team and Fuli Team respectively won the champion of corresponding class.


First, the security system is enhanced. 60 Iridium satellite tracking equipment (YB Track) was used during the race for the Satellite positioning and tracking of the fleet.                

Second, Live broadcasting of the race is realized through cooperation with GSE and BesTV. More audience can watch the race online.

Third, for the first time the race released an advertising at New York Times Square on March 7, which showed the charming of RHN Regatta - China’s first offshore sailing race.

Fourth, youth sailing races were also held during the RHN Regatta. 30 young sailors participated in the TOPPER Class race at Sanya Bay, which is favorable for the development of China’s youth sailing activity.

3.Race Activities

Various kinds of ceremonies and activities have been held during the race, including opening ceremonies, sailing ceremonies, prize-giving ceremonies, welcome ceremonies, closing ceremonies, as well as race village, sail camp, sponsor boat launch activity, etc. And there are also press release for the sponsorship and pre-race press release activities.

4.Media Reports

215 media has reported the RHN Regatta, covering China’s 33 provinces and Europe, Americas, Oceania, etc. Total 1,789 pieces of news articles were released. The 15’ advertising video of the race has been put on 100 large LED screens at the Wanda Squares in more than 70 cities in China, and the exposure exceeded 200 million people. Media communication of the race was also improved through Weibo, WeChat, and online video sites, and the total views was about 830,000.

5.Race Route