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Champions Return, Master and Apprentice Being Present, Star Crew, New Regatta PK, the Full Round Competition is So Burning!

2019-03-16 45

Champions Return, Master and Apprentice Being Present, Star Crew, New Regatta PK, the Full Round Competition is So Burning!


Every March, the first one to heat up in Hainan Island is not the temperature but China’s navigation circle. A new year’s grand play, Round Hainan Regatta will be  staged from March 15 to 23. Under the era of Hainan becoming a free trade zone proposed by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the 10-year sailing race also ushered in new changes. The full round race sailed counter-clockwise from Haikou to Sanya and then returned to Haikou, with a total bonus of RMB 300,000. There are 38 boats in full round group, and some excellent yachts are on display for the first time. So how fierce will the contest for the championship of the full round group be? Let’s take a look at this group first.


Champions Return, New Warship: U-Box and Sea wolf Debuted for the First Time

Looking back on the history of RHN Regatta, we have to mention the U-Box. In 2015, U-Box set a record of 59 hours, 23 minutes and 07 seconds in the full round rally race, as well as the Sanya-Haikou West Line rally race and the Haikou-Sanya East Line rally race. This year, the U-Box will participate in with the new warship Cookson 50. This boat has participated in the 2016 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and won the third place, creating the history of the Chinese fleet in the race.

 The Shenzhen Sea Wolf, who won the IRC2 grand slam in 2017, also made her debut in the sailing race with her new boat. The new KER42, which was purchased at the end of 2017, won the runner-up in the IRC1group in the Rolex China Sailing Race in 2018.

U-Box and Shenzhen Sea Wolf, two well-known Chinese professional fleets, took the latest boat racing to the RHN Regatta, which undoubtedly added highlights to the 10th anniversary celebration of the RHN Regatta.


Deluxe Lineup, the Battle for the Champion is Particularly Fierce

It is extremely exciting that the new U-Box and Sea Wolf racing boats made their first appearance in the domestic competition, and the luxury lineup of the boat was also very eye-catching.

U-Box will be led by the owner Wang Bin personally, leading the main members of Dongfeng Team, Liu Xue, Liu Ming, Kong Chencheng and Zheng Yingjie, who won the 2017-2018 Volvo Global Sailing Competition Ocean Race. Some of them were the core members that won the second runner-up in the 2016 Sydneyto Hobart Yacht Race. The crew had already assembled in Hong Kong and Haikou for physical training and sea training, aiming to the new championship record.

The core lineup of the Shenzhen Sea Wolf is the original team who won the Grand Slam in the RHN Regatta in 2017. Captain Yan Yuye has rich experience in the race. The team members are stable and have cooperated for more than seven years. They are also the good competitors for the break-through championship in international competitions.

The Noahs Sailing Club returned after its first sailing race last year. They broke the record in Haikou-Sanya East Line Rally with 25 hours, 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Noahs ARK323 is a TP52 racing boat. It has trained overseas for many years and competed in international events such as Sydneyto Hobart Yacht Race. It is also a strong fleet.


To Challenge the Big Boss, Can the Dark Horse Still Stand Out?

In the Sanya-Haikou Western Route Competition in 2018, the Ocean Link Sailing Team of IRC2 group won the first place, surpassing all the teams of IRC1 group, and unexpectedly won the championship of the Western Route. The crew of the Ocean Link Sailing Team are not professional athletes. Captain Li Qingyu graduated from Dalian Maritime University. Although there are no sailing stars’ aura, their performance proves that the tacit cooperation of the team is the magic weapon to win the sailing competition.

The SEAMO Racing is one of the most popular teams in the past two years. The Shengyang Team is one of the most popular teams in the past two years. It is the 4th time for them to compete in the RHN Regatta, which was led by the general manager of Shenzhen Shengyang Sailing Equipment Co., Ltd. In 2018, the SEAMO Racing won the IRC1 group championship of the RHN Regatta. Whether they can successfully defend the championship in these strong teams, the performance of the SEAMO Racing is also expected.


Dubois 50 Unified Design Team, Master and apprentice all present

This year’s RHN Regatta will assemble six Dubois 50 to form a unified design team. They are Sunsail-FIX Racing · Haikou, Premium Marine Racing Team · Lingshui, Sailingin · Decathlon sailing team · Sanya, A1 Heaven sailing team · China Mobile, Team Whitewave · Wanning, Tongji EMBA-Sunsailing Club Unit Team · Hainan Bank. Dubois 50 is an official flagship designed by world-class boat designer Ed Dubois according to the characteristics of the sea sailing routes round the island. The strength of the fleet can not be underestimated. What is of great interest is the Sailingin Decathlon Sailing Team · Sanya and Tongji EMBA-Sunsailing Club Unit Team · Hainan Bank. In 2018, Sailingin’s captain, Johnstone James, joined the Haikou-Tongji EMBA Blue Shark Sailing Fleet as a coach and captain, winning the IRC1 runner-up together with co-captain Ding Deming. The “Master and Apprentice” will lead their own team to participate in the competition. Whether the the younger generation will surpass the older or the master’s skill is superior will be known in the competition.


Star Crew Compete, Fighting for Glory

This year, not only well-known professional athletes but also cross-border stars participated in the full round group of sailing competitions. Among the glory teams of the Wanmingtang Warriors, there are the founder of the Fighting Competition - Glory of Warriors Guo Chendong, actor Jia Hongwei, Yang Zhigang, and the crew members Liu Manjiang, Xing Weiwei, Daniel, Mike and Glenn, who won the championship of Clipper 2017-2018 Race came to compete. Wan Mingtang formed the first all-Chinese women’s team in the history of RHN Regatta in 2016 and completed the voyage around Hainan Island.

On March 15, the Organizing Committee will divide the ships into groups according to their coefficients. The contest for the championship of the full round will begin soon. Can U-Box refresh its full round record? Will the champions be among them or will there be a dark horse? What wonderful stories will be waiting for us to dig out in the 10th RHN Regatta? Coming soon.