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The First Day of the Wuzhizhou Island Cup 2019 RHN Regatta is More Intense than You Think

2019-03-18 36

Wuzhizhou Island Cup 10th Round Hainan Regatta 2019 opened on March 16, and 56 teams in seven groups chasing in the wind and waves, bringing a wonderful visual feast to the audience. On the first race day, unexpected conditions continued, many collisions occurred at sea, and many boats had to withdraw due to varying degrees of damage, which made the race suspenseful. After two rounds of competition, Sailingin · Decathlon sailing team · Sanya, Shenzhen Sea Wolf Team, Wuhan Sea and Sunshine Sailing Team, Guangzhou Nansha Team, Beijing San Cha Ji Sailing Team, Six Eight Brothers Sailing Team and Huarun Shimei Bay Feichi Sailing Team ranked first in each group.


On the first race day, the sea wind maintained at 15-18 knots. The Maximum gust exceeded 20 knots. The wind and wave were so strong that increased the uncontrollable factors of the competition. Bid collisions, continuing protests, and frequently damaged sailing boats, the legendary danger of the Qiongzhou Strait was vividly reflected. In the IRC1 group, there were two accidents in five star teams: in the first round, the third defending champion SEAMO Racing team, broke the collateral cord and had no choice but withdrawing from the competition. “We had the possibility of winning the championship, but at the last moment, the tight strings could not withstand such a big storm. We only hope to catch up in the later rally.” SEAMO Racing team member Hans said.




Coincidentally, the much-watched U-Box Team also suffered unexpected accidents. Due to the failure of oil-water separator, the engine strike of U-Box Team led to the stagnation of the rocking keel and the speed of starboard sailing was less than 5 knots. Captain Liu Xue finally made a difficult decision to withdraw from the second round after he led the U-Box Team to finish the first round race and won the third place in IRC1 group, “because if we continue to compete, it may cause more damage to the sailing boat.” Finally, the Shenzhen Sea Wolf Team won two top names in IRC1 group with the stable equipment and the tacit cooperation of the members, and became the biggest winner in this group.


 Dubois 50 groups were set up for the first time in this years RHN Regatta. The same class boats competed in the same field, making the race particularly attractive. Sailingin · Decathlon sailing team · Sanya, which led by the champion of world championship Jim, and Premium Marine Racing Team · Lingshui, which led by Dutch captain Martin, are well-matched in strength. From the very beginning, the two teams have been clinging to each other, only one hull apart. In order to get rid of Team · Lingshui, Team · Sanya won by proper tactics and kept its advantage to the end. Captain Jim of Team · Sanya has led the team in RHN Regatta for five consecutive years and won the championship three times. He said that he has not lost to other Dubois 50 teams so far. This returns and winning the first place is just the fulfillment of the captain’s previous conclusion.





After the first two rounds race in Haikou, the CN · Hantang Team led by Guo Weilong, the captain of the post-90s, ranked behind the Beijing San Cha Ji Sailing Team by one point, temporarily occupying the second place in IRC4 group. According to Li Shufang, an experienced member of CN · Hantang Team, their team successfully completed the full round RHN Regatta as early as 2014. “The reason why we only participated in the half round race this time is that our skills is not superior in the full round race. It’s a good start that we played well today. We’ll continue to work hard next.


In the IRC5 group, Huarun Shimei Bay Sailing Team was the temporary No.1. They won a second and a first place in the first two round races in Haikou. Captain Chen Daofeng said that the coastal race and rally race in Haikou are full of uncertainties, and the team will sail steadily.

The Zhou Liu Fu Women Sailing Team, which participated in the IRC6 group competition, is a beautiful scenery in this RHN Regatta. The nine members of the team are all outstanding women, and most of them are sailing in uniform white skirts. There are six teams in the IRC6 group. The Zhou Liu Fu Women Sailing Team is currently in the fourth place. Captain Li Sujuan said that the team was satisfied with the result, but the real test is still ahead.


On the morning of March 17, the 10th RHN Regatta of the Wuzhizhou Island Cup will usher in a major event: 38 full round teams will start Haikou-Sanya Rally Competition and 18 half round teams will start the fierce competition in Haikou Coastal.