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Three teams compete for the champion of IRC4-6 class in Wuzhizhou Cup 10th Round Hainan Regatta 2019

2019-03-21 43

At noon on March 19, Wuzhizhou Cup 10th RHN Regatta 2019, Haikou - Wanning Offshore Race end successfully. At 13:00, the first reached the finish line in IRC4 class took the lead in arriving at the Wanning Shimei Bay Yachting Club. Before the welcome ceremony at Wanning, they received the good news that the team was still the champion of IRC4 class after the correction coefficient, and all the crew cheered.


Three teams in IRC4 class are advancing at an equal pace 





After calculating by the application of the IRC Time Corrector, the Hainan Provincial Sports Academy Sailing Team lost to the runner-up of IRC4 class with a disadvantage of 20 minutes and 13 seconds. The third to sixth rankings were Da Ren Sailing Team, Changqiao Jianshe Team, CN · Hantang Team, Beijing Yangfan & Ningbo Dongqian Lake Eternal Fantasy Sailing Team.



The results of Haikou In-Port Race and Haikou-Wanning Offshore Race shown that, when the route is just half completed, the main teams with same 6 points, Team Wan Zhu, Hainan Provincial Sports Academy Sailing Team and the CN · Hantang Team led the IRC4 class in the overall scoring table, while the Beijing Yangfan & Ningbo Dongqian Lake Eternal Fantasy Sailing Team temporarily ranks fourth with eight points.




The IRC5 and IRC6 champions of Haikou-Wanning Offshore Race are Huarun Shi Mei Bay Sailing Team and Six Eight Brothers Sailing Team, which have all reached the top of Haikou In-Port Race before, and consolidated their leading position in their respective overall scoring tables.




As of 21:30, there are still three IRC5 and IRC6 teams heading for Wanning with motor power. They are expected to arrive at the Wanning Shimei Bay Yachting Club from the night of March 19 to the early morning of March 20. The Wanning-Lingshui Offshore Race will start in the morning of March 20.


Shorten IRC4-6 Class the course

As the starting point was changed to Haikou, the total voyage of the half round reached a record 460 nautical miles, while the route from Haikou to Wanning was 190 nautical miles, it means that the teams will have to experience night sailing, which requires them to keep a high degree of vigilance at all times.




At about 8:15 a.m. on March 19, in view of the weak wind on the sea, some fleets were still more than 100 nautical miles away from Wanning. In order to ensure that the subsequent competition goes smoothly as scheduled, the Race Committee decided to shorten the route. The finish line of IRC4 class moved forward to the eighth coordinate point about 40 nautical miles away from Wanning, the finish line of IRC5 class and IRC6 class moved forward to the ninth and the tenth coordinate point respectively.


As early as 7:19 a.m., after 17 hours and 54 minutes of hard sailing, the Team Wan Zhu took the lead in passing the eighth lat long position. The Hainan Provincial Sports Academy Sailing Team made a rushing at 8:13:36, while the Changqiao Jianshe Team was only1 minute and 24 seconds slower than it. Such a small gap is rare in the offshore race of more than 100 nautical miles. The fierce competition is clearly.




Mulan Bay shows great power

Mulan Bay, the northernmost tip of Hainan Island, is full of difficulty and dangerous with the numerous fishing nets along the way, which bring severe challenges to the teams. According to the captain of Wan Zhu Team Li Qubo, the difficulty to navigate through Mulan Bay is no less than through the English Channel, while Guo Weilong, captain of CN · Hantang Team, slightly exaggerates to compare Mulan Bay to Cape Horn, which is located at the southernmost tip of South America.


According to Li Qubo, when the Wan Zhu Team passed Mulan Bay, it was thrilling. "There are four or five knots of current, and contrary to the direction of navigation, the wave height is more than two meters. Our port side is a fishing net array, and our starboard side is a reef area. The passages left for sailing boats are almost as wide as three hulls in length, so that we have to control every turn within 20 meters. During that one-mile voyage, our speed was less than one knot, and many people thought the sailing boat was retreating.




Guo Weilong vividly said that when the boat was sailing in Mulan Bay, it was like a chicken thrown into boiling water. "If it was not properly operated, it would not come out."


Fishing net increases difficulty

In Haikou-Wanning Offshore Race, most of the teams been fall into the fishing nets, which more or less affects their performance. As the first team to pass Mulan Bay, the Da Ren Sailing Team made a fantastic start, but around 18:00 on March 18, their boat was caught in the fishing net, thus losing a lot of valuable time. Zeng Zhicong, captain of the Da Ren Sailing Team, said that their sailing boat had inadvertently entered a "dead zone" at that time. "When we found out that it was too late, no matter which direction we sailed, we would definitely be caught in the fishing nets."




Beijing Yangfan & Ningbo Dongqian Lake Eternal Fantasy Sailing Team met disasters pile up on one another, in Haikou-Wanning offshore race, their sailing boat actually entangled by the fishing net five times, and four times occurred at night. Therefore, even the sailing boats with high quality, they are only the sixth in IRC4 class, retreating from the second to the fourth in the overall scoring table.




CN · Hantang Team was pretty lucky. They did not entangle by any fishing net all the way, but they only won the fifth place in Haikou-Wanning offshore race when they once reached the first place of Haikou In-Port Race. In this regard, captain Guo Weilong said that the main reason for team's poor performance was subjective problems. "We change shifts every two hours during the night sailing, but each time there will be poor coordination, failing to extremely perform the sailing boat. Tonight the whole team will hold a meeting to discuss and sum up the experience. We run for the championship when we participated in this RHN Regatta.”