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Wuzhizhou Cup 10th Round Hainan Regatta IRC1-3 Class teams arrived in Sanya

2019-03-22 0

After more than 30 hours of fierce competition, Wuzhizhou Cup 10th Round Hainan Regatta 2019 ushered in the first team of Haikou-Sanya (West Route) at 17:53 18 March, the Noahs Sailing Club, which has always been at the leading position, and finally rushed through the finish line of the sea outside Sanya Serenity Marina in 31 hours, 48 minutes and 12 seconds.


Noahs lead the teams by favorable wind




As we all know, Haikou-Sanya (West Route) has a "wind hole" of nearly 50 nautical miles in the eastern sea, which has always been a "dead zone" hindering the fleet's journey. However, with the change of route setting and the follow-up of wind force this year, the team has ushered in an unprecedented good weather here. Influenced by the weather in Taiwan Strait, the Noahs Sailing Club, which had been sailing downwind before, encountered an unexpected rain near the eastern sea at about 1:00 a.m. 18th. Then the fleet suddenly meet a southeast wind at the speed of 15-16 knots. Its maximum speed increased to 13.2 knots an hour. The high-standard ocean racing ship TP52 and the first-class team that once competed in Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, with the fine weather, the Noahs Team took the lead all the way. Li Hongquan, captain of Noahs Sailing Club, who participated in the RHN Regatta for the first time, expressed his delight: "Thanks for the tacit cooperation of our team. If I scored them, I would give 80 points, we will continue to exert ourselves in the next race. Now that we have to do our best to participate, we are looking forward to be the final championship."





The U-Box Team was entangled with fishing nets






Previously, the "U-Box Team" with the highest coefficient in the full round group was highly expected in this race. The team is very powerful because Liu Xue, Liu Ming, Kong Chencheng and Zheng Yingjie joined, the four main players of Dongfeng Team, the winner of the Volvo Ocean Race. However, U-Box did not play its speed advantage in the Haikou-Sanya race, just followed Noahs Sailing Club, only in the second place. Captain Liu Xue said that after they had been sailing for three hours, they bumped into a large fishing net with white foam balls. A 20 metre long fishing net rope and round plastic had been hung on the keel of the boat, but the fleet was totally unknown. In the crosswind stage, the slow speed of the boat finally made the team aware of the objects under their boat, but at this time it had entered the night sailing. Finally, in the early morning of 18th, the U-Box was released after ten hours of fishing net. Liu Xue said that the fishing net made the fleet in a low speed, which was also the biggest defeat in this race. Along the way, bad luck has always been around. In the early morning of the 18th, the electronic instruments on the boat of U-Box also went on strike. GPS positioning, navigation lights and hydraulic keel could not be used. At this moment, the dream of U-Box to become the champion of the Western Route was completely shattered. "Despite all kinds of unexpected accidents, we never give up. In the next race, we will be fully prepared to get the team's due results." Liu Xue said firmly.





SEAMO Racing missing the champion unluckily

Shenzhen Sea Wolf, the third reached the finish line, has rich experience of round the island. The Shenzhen Sea Wolf Team has done a lot of preliminary training for the competition. From Hong Kong to Hainan, the Shenzhen Sea Wolf made preparations for the long-distance race, and found the instrument panel and other equipment problems on board. Finding problems before the competition and solving them in time will make the fleet full of confidence. Haikou in-port race is the champion in two rounds and the same in the offshore race. It will make the their champion more critical, which can be said to be truly deserved. It is noteworthy that after the Shenzhen Sea Wolf, the SEAMO number on the fourth to the finish line at 21:11 p.m. on the 18th to win the championship by its coefficient. The chart shows that during the Haikou-Sanya offshore race, the SEAMO number closely pressed the Shenzhen Sea Wolf, but stopped sailing for nearly half an hour around 13:00 p.m. on the 18th. According to the captain, Lan Guojun, the fleet hit the fishing net. The sailors dived down to cut off the fishing nets, which made the team stagnate for 30 minutes, directly causing the SEAMO Racing to lose more than three miles of distance advantage, and missing the championship.




Sanya Serenity Marina is still busy in the night, over 30 teams in the RHN Regatta of Haikou-Sanya (West Route) are stillstruggling. Dubois 50 ushered in the first one at 22:00 p.m. on the 18th: Sailingin · Decathlon sailing team · Sanya.




According to the rules of navigation, the finish line will be closed 15 hours after the first race boat reaching. It means if the fleet fails to reach the finish line before 9 a.m. on the 19th, it will get a DNF.