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Sailingin Skipper Training School

Sailingin Skipper Training School

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Team Profile:

Sailingin Skipper Training School was established by Jim Johns , the former world champion of laser sailboat. And its branch was founded in 2016 in Xiamen. Through training their trainees and leading them to enter the sailing races at home and abroad, they has popularized skipper to more people. Over one thousand skipper-loved trainers have worked here, including people who had participated in sailing races with the team in China and other countries. In 2016, under the leadership of the captain Jim, the team entered 11 races held in China and overseas and was the champion of several races, such as CCOR Sailing Race and China Cup Sailing Race etc. Most importantly, their trainees can gain more experience and enjoy enthusiasm brought by sailing races, and this is what the school wants to convey: Let every watersports lover experiences happiness and safety.

Best Crew Profile:

Jim Johnstone, a sunshine boy from US, has stayed in China for 7 years. Targeted on enhance domestic sailing teams’ strength with the effort of himself, Jim has gradually transformed his role from sailor to coach after entering Olympic Games and winning in several World Championships. But as a steersman, he won not cool down his enthusiasm to be a winner.

Gleb: Gleb is a handsome and excellent sailor. As a professional in Russian Seven Feet Club, Gleb grew up in the cold and wide in Russia Eastern Sea. After coming to China, he also behaved well in sailing races, such as pick up the crowns of XiangJiang Cup and China Cup Race. His companion, Jim said that Gleb was the his best partner in China.

Guo Qingbin:  Guo Qingbin is one of the richest experience in sailing teammate, although not handsome than Gleb. The judgement of Joining as a steersman, Guo strengthens his team.