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11th Round Hainan Regatta 2020 - Race Overview


The 11th Round Hainan Regatta 2020 will be held from 19th November to 4th December. The host port of the regatta is located in Sanya. The route is 580 nautical miles from Sanya to Haikou to Sanya offshore race, which is the longest, the most difficult and complex regatta in operation.

The regatta is hosted by Hainan Provincial People's Government, Support by Chinese Yachting Association; Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio&TV and Sports of Hainan Province; Department of Commerce of Hainan Provincial; Hainan Maritime Safety Administration of P.R.C; Hainan Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport; Municipal Governments of Haikou and Municipal Governments of Sanya; Co-organized by Hainan Provincial Administratio Of Sporting Events and Hainan Yachting Association, and operated by Hainan Ocean Race Co., LTD.

The regatta is divided into Haikou and Sanya stops. The OP Sailing National Open, Hobie16 Elite Open and Fareast 28R Sailing National Invitational Race will be held from November 19th to 22th in Haikou Stop. Sanya Stop will be held from November 28th to December 4th, all teams will participate in the Sanya In-port Race and Sanya - Haikou - Sanya Offshore Race. There are more than 33 sailing teams in total, including 27 teams in IRC 1-3 Group and 6 teams in Dubois50 Group.

Waves decades, sailing on the new journey. This time, we have made a historic breakthrough and achieved the FIRST full-round race without stopping. The brave people who challenge the sea, let us witness the history and the glory together!