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 17th to 25th March 2017




1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020.

1.2 Additional rules:

The ISAF Offshore Special Regulations (OSR);

The IRC Rules Parts A, B & C; except that IRC Rule 22.4 shall not apply, there will be no limitations on crew number or weight;

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) may replace the RRS part 2 as stated in the Sailing Instructions.

The class rules of boats entered in aOne-Design Class.

1.3 The Notice of Race (with further amendments).

1.4 The 8th Round Hainan Regatta 2017 Sailing Instructions (with further amendments). 

1.5 No national prescription will apply.

1.6 Race documents will be published in both Chinese and English. In case of conflict between languages, the English text will take precedence.


2.1 The advertising displayed on a boat (hull, sails and boom) or on crew-wear during the event is permitted in accordance with the ISAF Regulation 20 of Advertising Code, and requirements from Local rules.

2.2 Boats will require displaying advertising chosen and supplied by the OC, and shall be required to affix racing number on both side of bow, as instructed by the OC. The OC will supply the tags. Teams may display their team’s Name, Image, Logo and advertising on each side of the hull but the material of the sticker must be 3M or others with the similar quality will be detailed in Appendix 1.



3.1 The Regatta is open to entries from local and international sailors (and teams) who may be representing a country, a city, and a club or, if formally authorized by the OC, an individual boat owner. 

3.2 Sailboats eligible to enter the Round Hainan Regatta shall comply with definition of the Monohull Sailboat.

3.3 Boats participating in the offshore races shall meet the requirements of ISAF OSR for Category 3. The Race Committee will appoint an officer to conduct inspection of safety equipment of the boats.

3.4 All sailors shall bring own life jacket conform to international standards. 

3.5 The regatta is open to IRC Classes (IRC1, IRC2, IRC3, IRC4, IRC5, and IRC6), OP Class and J80 One-Design Class. 

3.5.1 IRC Classes

The teams shall register in accordance and under the conditions to choose IRC1 Class, IRC2 Class, IRC3 Class, IRC4 Class, IRC5 Class and IRC6 Class race. The Organizing Committeein accordance with the equal principles and based on IRC rating (Length of Hull, Displacement, Time Correction Factor (TCC)) will has the right to move a boat in another class.

IRC Classes of Monohull boat-length of the respectively not less than 32ft. (excluding bowsprit and bumpkin) and with full self-recovery ability are eligible. 

The OC will provide 3 RHN-Dubois 50 sailboats in IRC Classes for overseas teams that cannot bring their own boats. The boats’ names and advertisements will be decided by the OC at its entire discretion.

3.5.2 OP Class

The OC will provide 30-40 sailboats. The boats’ names and advertisements will be decided by the OC at its entire discretion.

3.5.3 J80 One-Design Class

The OA will provide 8-10 sailboats. The boats’ names and advertisements will be decided by the OC at its entire discretion.

3.6 Crew qualification

3.6.1 IRC Classes:

Each boat shall haveat least 2helmsmen with offshore and In-Port race experience (Chinese shall have Yacht Driver license) andat least 2 crews with international standards of safety and lifesaving training certificate. Helmsmen and crew must provide relevant certificates during registration.

3.6.2 J80 One-Design Class:

Each boat shall have at least 1 helmsman with offshore and In-Port race experience (Chinese shall have Yacht Driver license). Helmsman must provide relevant certificates during registration.

3.7 Overseas competitors shall have a valid Chinese Visa for entering China.

3.8 Eligible boats shall register with the following information: 

The completing Entry Form: Crew List, Team profile(short description of racing experience), brief introductions of Skipper and 2 other crews.

Skipper’s certificate: Yacht Driver's License,

Yacht certificates: The Hong Kong sailboats shall have Certificate of Ownership and Operating License; The Mainland China sailboats shall have Certificate of Ownership, Certificate of Seaworthiness,and Certificate of Registry. 

IRC Certificate:All IRC participating boats shall have a Valid IRC Rating Certificate.

Insurance:Photocopy of Precise the mandatory insurances.

At the same time the entry fees will be paid to Round Hainan Regatta Organizing Authority

Regular entries will be accepted until 18:00hrs on Friday 20thJan. 2017Beijing Time.

Late entries may be accepted up until 18:00hrs on Friday 10th Feb. 2017 Beijing Time at the entire discretion of the OC and subject to payment of the specified late-entry fee.

3.9 The OC will verify the qualifications of teams, and in 5 working days give formal reply whether to accept the application.


4.1 The required fees for the 8th Round Hainan Regatta 2017 are as follows:

Regular Entry Fee (On or before 20th Jan. 2017) RMB¥1,000(HK$1,300/US$165/EU€125)

Late Entry Fee (On or before 10thFeb. 2017)RMB¥2,000(HK$2,600/US$330/EU€250)

The Entry Fee includes participate boat berthing, Water, and Power Service fees during the event.

4.2 Crew fee (includes the skipper):

4.2.1 IRC Classeseach participating boat pays RMB ¥ 5,000 (HK$6,500 / US$825 / EU€525), each participating boat can submit crews 10 persons (including the Skipper); J80 One-Design Class each participating boat pays RMB ¥ 3,000 (HK$3,900 / US$495 / EU€375), each participating boat can submit crews 6 persons (including the Skipper); OP Class each participating boat pays RMB ¥ 500 (HK$650 / US$83 / EU€63), each participating boat can submit crews 1 person; (If individual participating team has exceed the number of capacity, all the costs incurred shall be covered by team).

4.2.2 The fee for each crew will include accommodation, meals, souvenirs, the tickets for all official functions and Opening & Prize-Giving Ceremony, and parties of the regatta, shuttle buses transportation between regatta center and hotels. The OC will not be provided fuel during racing days and meals when racing on the sea, teams are required to arrange by their own. 

4.3 If the OC receives a written cancellation (notice) of entry after 18:00hrs on 10th Feb. 2017, the entry fee is not refundable. Prior to this deadline full entry fees are refundable.

4.4 The OC will provide charter boats, the charter fees are as follows: 

4.4.1 RHN-Dubois 50 sailboats:

Charter fee – RMB ¥ 70,000 (HK$ 91000 / US$ 11550 / EU€ 8750) per boat (Entry fee is NOT included)

Security deposit – RMB ¥ 20,000 (HK$26000 / US$ 3200 / EU€ 2500) per boat

4.4.2 J80 sailboats:

Charter fee – RMB ¥ 20,000 (HK$26000 / US$ 3300/ EU€2500) (Entry fee is NOT included)

Security deposit – RMB ¥ 5,000 (HK$6500 / US$ 825/ EU€625) per boat

4.4.3 OP sailboats:

Charter fee – RMB ¥ 500 (HK$ 650/ US$ 83 / EU€ 63) per boat (Entry fee is NOT included)

Security deposit – RMB ¥ 500 (HK$ 650/ US$ 83 / EU€ 63) per boat

4.4.4 The above security deposits are refundable after the race, provided the boat and equipment are in good working conditions. 


5.1 Daily race schedules

Friday, 17 March 2017
09:30-15:00Registration, Boats Inspection,All ClassesSanya Serenity Coast Marina
17:00Technical MeetingAll ClassesSanya Serenity Coast Marina
Saturday, 18 March 2017
10:00Sanya In-Port Race(s)All ClassesSanya Bay
19:00The Opening CeremonyAll ClassesSanya Serenity Coast Marina
Sunday, 19 March 2017
10:00Sanya-HaikouOffshore RaceIRC1-3Sanya-West Coast-Haikou
Sanya In-Port Race(s)IRC4-6, J80 & OPSanya Bay
Monday, 20 March 2017

Sanya-HaikouOffshore RaceIRC1-3Sanya-West Coast-Haikou
10:00Sanya In-Port Race(s)IRC4-6, J80 & OPSanya Bay
1hour after the raceIn-Port Race Prize GivingSanya Serenity Coast Marina
Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Sanya-HaikouOffshore RaceIRC1-3Sanya -West Coast- Haikou
10:00Sanya-Lingshui Offshore RaceIRC4-6Sanya-East Coast-Wanning
12:00DepartureJ80 & OPSanya
19:00Lingshui Stopover Prize Giving CeremonyIRC4-6Lingshui
Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lay day in HaikouIRC1-3Haikou
10:00Lingshui-WanningOffshore RaceIRC4-6Lingshui-East Coast-Wanning
19:00Haikou Stopover Prize Giving CeremonyIRC1-3Haikou
Thursday, 23 March 2017
10:00Haikou-SanyaOffshore RaceIRC1-3Haikou-East Coast-Sanya
Lingshui-WanningOffshore RaceIRC4-6Wanning Shimei Bay
19:00Haikou Stopover Prize Giving CeremonyIRC4-6Wanning
Thursday, 23 March 2017

Haikou-SanyaOffshore RaceIRC1-3Haikou-East Coast-Sanya
10:00Wanning-SanyaOffshore RaceIRC4-6Wanning-East Coast-Sanya
Saturday, 25 March 2017

Haikou-SanyaOffshore RaceIRC1-3Haikou-East Coast-Sanya

Wanning-SanyaOffshore RaceIRC4-6Wanning-East Coast-Sanya
19:00Closing and Prize GivingCeremonyIRCSanya Serenity Coast Marina
Sunday, 26 March 2017

5.2 All the registered boats and crews can arrive in Sanya before 17th of March for practice and boat preparation. All the costs incurred shall be covered by team. Please contact the OC for help when necessary.

5.3 Charter boats available for practice on the 16th -17th March 2017. Teams are required to register with the OC. Each team is entitled to 4 hours of practice. No additional charter fee is required. 

5.4 All race schedules may be changed and further notice and/or amendments will be issued by the OC.