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November 28 - December 4

Sanya, Hainan, China



1.1         The warning signal will be at 11:00 on November 30, 2020, GPS Time.

1.2         The route of Offshore Race is around the Hainan Island. It starts and finishes at Sanya Serenity Marina, covering a distance of 580 Nautical Miles.


2.        RULES

2.1         The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in WORLD SAILING (WS) The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS);

2.2         The WS Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) for a Race Category 3 Monohulls with Life Raft;

2.3         The IRC Rules Parts 1, 2 & 3; except that IRC Rule 22.4 will not apply. There will be no limitations on the weight of crew except as required for boat approved capacity;

2.4         Every day from 1700 to 0700 the next day, it will be regulated by the relevant parts of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS), and the second part of the RRS will not apply;

2.5         International Measurement System (IMS)

2.6         The regulations of member states/regions do not apply to this regatta.

2.7         This Notice of Race (NoR) and amendments.

2.8         This Sailing Instructions (SIs) and amendments.

2.9         In case of conflict between languages, the English text will take precedence.



3.1         The Regatta is open to IRC 1-3 Class, Dubois 50 Class and Olympic Keelboat Class.

3.2         Boat Eligibility

3.2.1   IRC 1-3 Class

Boats eligible to enter the regatta shall comply with the definition of Monohull Sailboat not less than 32 feet (9.75 meters) length overall (LOA). Organizing Committee (OC) will group the IRC Class according entries received and based on Design Type, Current Rating, Hull Factor, Hull Length (HL), and Displacement Length Ration (DLR) and will be confirmed by 17:00 on Saturday 28th November.

3.2.2           Dubois 50 Class

Dubois 50 racing boat will be provided by OC.

3.2.3           Olympic Keelboat Class:

The regatta is open to the boat that meet the standards of the Olympic keelboats.

3.2.4   Have the insurance required by this NoR 20.1.

3.2.5           IRC Certificate

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019 IRC Certificate is considered valid; if the replacement of sails and other equipment of the boat which affects the TCC value of the IRC certificate, it must be reported to the OC, and the Measurement Committee will give the verification result.

3.2.6           Boats shall meet the requirements of the WS OSR for a Race Category 3 Monohulls with Liferaft;

3.2.7           Participating boats are required to provide the legally valid certificate of ownership issued by the competent authority of the port of registry, the Certificate of Seaworthiness or equivalent document within the validity period;

3.3         Crew Eligibility

3.3.1           All crews should provide Hainan Health "Passing Code" for health status declaration, and GREEN "Passing Code" at registration. The OC has the right to request the crews who have a special itinerary information within 14 days and provide the certificate of nucleic acid test in the hospital within 7 days before the regatta.

3.3.2           The regatta is open to entries from local and international sailors (crew) who may be representing a country/a city/a club (or simply an individual boat owner) and have reached the age of 18 before 28th November, 2020. According to the actual conditions, the OC will further clarify the entry requirements, sailors (crew) conform to requirement shall be eligible to enter.

3.3.3           Each participating boat shall have at least 4 crew members who have completed Category 3 offshore race or corresponding nautical miles races as a helmsman, and 50% of the crew have the experience of participating in the offshore race. The details should be stated in the crew list for online registration.

3.3.4           At least 4 crew members of each participating boat shall have completed the " International Standards of Safety and Lifesaving Training Certificate " approved by the WS, or its equivalent.

3.3.5           The skipper or experienced crew members of each participating boat should hold valid A1F, ASA, CYA, RYA and other yacht driving licenses or at least an offshore skipper certificate.

3.3.6   Have the insurance required by this NoR 20.2.

3.4         Eligibility Confirmation

Eligibility confirmation shall be determined by the OC. Participants shall abide by the final decision and shall not claim any compensation during the regatta.


4.        ENTRY

4.1         The deadline for registration is Friday 30th October, 2020.

4.2         The participating boats must submit the team information and email to info@hnoceanrace.com before 18:00 Friday 13th November, 2020. The details are as follows:

4.2.1           Entry form and crew experience statement;

4.2.2           Valid personal maritime safety and lifesaving qualification certificate;

4.2.3   Valid first aid safety certificate or equivalent certificate;

4.2.4   Photocopy of valid crew ID/passport/pass, etc.;

4.2.5   Valid A1F, ASA, CYA, RYA yacht driving license;

4.2.6   Each crew member shall sign the disclaimer and consent of rights provided by the OC;

4.2.7   Photos of the sailing boat;

4.2.8           This notice (NoR 20) requires a photocopy of the insurance;

4.2.9           IRC certificate required by this notice (NoR 3);

4.2.10    The MMSI number of the boat and the name of the current race;

4.2.11    The above additional documents may apply in writing to the OC for delayed submission and fees. The delayed submission may be accepted only after the OC confirms and approves.

According to RRS 76.1, the OC may refuse or cancel the registration of boats that do not comply with the announcement of this regatta.

4.3         The OC shall not be responsible for any errors or deficiencies in the information submitted by the participating teams.

4.4         Information change: The crew list can be corrected, added, or changed, but the change should not be completed later than 24 hours before the warning signal is issued. After the crew list is changed, the boat must still meet the crew qualification requirements of item 3.3.


5.        FEES

5.1         Entry fees

Entry Fee (On or before 30th Oct 2020)      RMB 1,000

Late Entry Fee (31th Oct-13th Nov 2020)     RMB 5,000

The entry fee includes participate boat berthing, water, and power service fees during the event (21stNov-11th Dec 2020). Entry fee is not refundable if applicants cancel their entry. A written application can be submitted to OC if the cancelation is caused by force majeure or reasonable special reasons.

5.2         Crew fee

Each boat shall pay RMB 5,000

Fee includes 10 crew members’ (including the skipper) lunch and dinner on 28th November, breakfast and dinner on 29th November, breakfast on 30th November and catering service from the team returns to Sanya to 5th December; Accommodation service from 28th to 30th November and after the team returns to Sanya until 5th December; regatta souvenirs and tickets for the Opening & Prize-Giving Ceremony will also cover by the fee.

5.3         Other fees

5.3.1   If the number of crew exceeds the number specified by the OC in this notice, the extra crew will need to pay for their own expenses, each crew can pay RMB 450 to obtain accreditation, souvenir and tickets for the Opening & Prize-Giving Ceremony.

5.3.2   Boats must fuel themselves during the regatta.

5.4         Rental fees

5.4.1           The OC will provide RHN-Dubois 50 sailboat charter service, the boats name and advertisements will be decided by OC. The charter fees are as follows:

Charter Period: 28th November to 4th December, 2020

Charter Fee: RMB 70,000 per boat (Entry fee is NOT included)

Damage Deposit: RMB 20,000 per boat

5.4.2           In order to ensure the safety of the regatta, boats shall install the YB Iridium ship borne positioning navigation equipment. The OC will charge a fee of RMB 1,000 per set for communication service. The period of use will be from 28th November to 4th December, 2020 and the deposit will be RMB 4,000 per set.

5.4.3           The OC can provide paid maritime satellite phone use at a fee of RMB 800 per unit (including RMB 500 a total of 277 minutes call fee). The use will cover a period from 28th November to 4th December, 2020 and the deposit will be RMB 4,000 per unit.

5.4.4           The OC can provide paid VHF rental services for the boats for a fee of RMB 100 per set. The period of use will be from 28th November to 4th December, 2020 and the deposit will be RMB 1,500 per set.

5.4.5   The above deposits will be refunded after the race, provided that the rented equipment is returned in good working condition.

5.5         Bank info

Title: Hainan Ocean Race CO., LTD

Bank Account Number: 2675 1728 4457

Designated Bank & Branch: Bank of China Haikou Meishe Branch

Please indicate the name of the paying boat and provide the billing information according to the general VAT invoice.


6.        SCHEDULE




Inspection in accordance with the OSR Category 3 Safety Regulations and the special safety regulations of the OC; All safety equipment should be placed on board for safety inspection on team report and spot check during the regatta. The participating boats shall self-inspect before the regatta, sign the self-inspection instruction and submit it to the OC for retention. See Appendix 1 for the inspection list.


8.        EQUIPMENTS

Race equipment shall comply with RRS78.



The Sailing Instructions (SIs) will be published before 28th November, 2020.


10.    COURSES

Specific information of In-Port Race will be notified separately, Refer to Appendix 2 for Offshore Race.



RRS 64.1 will be penalized at the discretion of the Jury; Penalties will be implemented in accordance with the SIs.


12.    SCORING

12.1     The Low Point System of The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) Appendix A shall apply.

12.2     The result is calculated as an IRC Time Corrector (TCC) to add sailing Time. The boat with the minimum correction time will be scored as the first place (if penalty points are required, the points will be calculated based on the penalty points)

12.3     If there is a tie, the score of Offshore Race is priority.


13.    JURY

Decisions of the Jury will be the final decisions.


14.   PRIZES

14.1     The top 3 overall winners in IRC 1-3 Class and Dubois 50 Class will receive trophies and prize money (Total RMB 300,000);

14.2     The top 3 overall winners in Olympic Keelboat Class will receive trophies;

14.3     The first finisher in real time of Round Hainan Offshore Race will be awarded.

14.4     Overall Champion will be awarded in IRC 1-3 Class and Dubois 50 Class.

14.5     Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.



15.    MEETING

15.1     The location and time of the pre-race meeting will be announced at a later date.

15.2     The participants of the pre- race meetings and meetings shall be skipper or deputy skipper or navigator and shall not be absent.



16.1     Advertising on the boat shall comply with WORLD SAILING Regulation 20 of Advertising Code. The Organizing Committee may refuse any boat with advertisements which are deemed by the sponsor to be in violation of government regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible. When registering, a brief list of all advertising items to be carried on the boat should be listed. If there are any changes in the advertisement, the Organizing Committee should be notified. Please refer to Appendix 3 for the position of hull pasting advertisement.

16.2     Boats shall display the sponsor's logo publicity materials on the bow and back of the boat in accordance with the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. Before leaving the host port, the start of the race and after the race, boats shall display the regatta flag. Promotional materials such as sponsor's logo, back rope flag and regatta flag will be provided by the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to protest against any attempt by the boat to deface advertising material provided by the Organizing Committee.



17.1     For safety reasons, the boat will be equipped with YB Tracking provided by the Organizing Committee. If the boat’s equipment malfunctions or ceases to function, it shall report its position information by other ways in accordance with the rules of navigation.

17.2     The Organizing Committee reserves the right to place cameras on board the boat for the purpose of media communication. If the boat refuses to carry and use the tracking system or install the camera, the Organizing Committee will not accept the registration, cancel its registration, or cancel the race qualification (see RRS 76.1 for details).



18.1     Instructions for teams are as follows: